Sign Painting

When it comes to custom signage, sign painting is probably one of the most unique and special ways of creating a sign that is intended to garner the attention of all that pass by. Far superior in many ways to anything that a computer can possibly create, hand-painted signs are considered the most traditional and purest form of signage available. In fact, in days gone by storefronts, billboards, banners and even barn signs as well as street signs were all hand-painted and hand lettered. Painstakingly handcrafted, these hand-painted works of art serve to give a business an artistic and professional look that simply cannot be matched by any modern digital kinds of signage.


Craftsman with years of experience can custom tailor hand-painted signs to create the perfect look for almost any type of business. Incorporating time-honored methods of traditional Houston sign painting, experts can produce remarkable results that meet the exact specifications of any business. Companies wishing to step back in time and provide customers with genuine hand-painted signs do have options today. Sign painting is a form of art that adds a special and unique touch for any business. From gold leaf to 3-D painting that features professional brushwork, the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to hand painted signs. Most importantly, custom painting of this kind typically includes the addition of a strong and resilient protective layer that protects a sign so that it may be used indoors or outdoors. Resistant to the elements and long lasting these beautiful signs deliver a message like no other type of sign available today. Adding the human element to sign design affords businesses the opportunity to share with customers and clients a classic hand-lettered sign that features professional brushwork. Contact SBS Sign, LLC today to learn more about Houston sign painting that is designed to give businesses a unique custom look that sets them apart from the crowd.