Pylon Signs

Businesses wishing to achieve excellent visibility with their signage are increasingly turning to pylon or freestanding signs. These signs are also sometimes referred to as pole signs. Whatever the terminology that is used, one thing is certain and that is that freestanding signs are an excellent way for businesses to achieve better brand recognition. Few other types of commercial on-premise signage can compare when it comes to excellent visibility and the ability to give businesses the opportunity to make a powerful statement via their choice in signs. When these signs take advantage of higher installation options the visibility can be strikingly impressive, thus allowing a sign to be seen clearly from a great distance.


Pylon installation for a variety of sign solutions that produces impressive freestanding signs is completely independent of any building or structure. This standalone signage option is similar to a monument sign but typically is higher and as such provides businesses with a competitive edge that would not otherwise be possible. Freestanding signage effectively sets a business apart from other similar businesses along a common street. These attractive and very noticeable signs allow a business to display its brand in a professional and hard-to-miss way. Houston pylon sign installation comes with many additional options including the ability to have poles covered in an attractive shroud. This provides an added design dimension that makes a sign stand out in order to reflect its impressive quality. In most cases this type of sign application is lighted either externally or internally. However, most applications using pylon signs rely upon internal lighting. Houston pylon signs offer the perfect opportunity for businesses to deliver maximum impact when it comes to conveying a message to customers and prospective customers. Electronic message centers can also be added to this type of installation. Contact SBS Signs, LLC today to learn more about Houston pylon sign installation.