Illuminated (Channel) Letters

Many businesses today are choosing channel letters as the preferred way of displaying attractive signage that is intended to deliver a professional company image. These strong and durable letters made of high-grade plastic are luminous at night and clearly visible during the day. Businesses looking for a clear and distinctive look in terms of their company name often rely upon this particular type of signage as a way to provide an impressive display. Most importantly, each channel letter is custom made from a combination of metal and plastic that results in a professional looking job each and every time.

Types of Channel Letters
  • Standard Letters

Standard letters are 3 dimensional letters covered with thick plastic and illuminated from the inside.

  • Exposed Neon

These resemble Standard Letters but there is no plastic covering, allowing the neon to show through.

  • Backlit

These have a solid opaque front and are illuminated from behind the letter, causing a “negative space” when illuminated at night.

Installation options vary with regard to Houston illuminated channel letters. This includes installations that are firmly attached on a building fascia where each letter is individually mounted. Conversely, channel letters that are illuminated can easily be professionally installed on a raceway. When letters are mounted in this fashion via a prefabricated metal box (raceway) that typically runs the length of a channel letter sign the end result can be quite impressive. Either type of installation is highly dependable and firmly attached to the building resulting in an outstanding company sign solution. Houston channel letters feature internally illuminated letters that provide an easy to read and highly noticeable type of sign that is perfect for any kind of business and for any size project. In addition, a number of channel letter products take advantage of advanced LED lighting technology or neon tubing to create an impressive level of bright illumination. Channel letters come in several styles and designs. This includes standard three-dimensional letters that are comprised of thick plastic and internally illuminated. In addition, exposed neon and backlit channel letters are also highly attractive and readily available to businesses. Contact SBS Signs, LLC today to learn more about Houston channel letter installation services.