Monument Signs

Businesses wishing to take street advertising to the next logical level are increasingly turning to Monument signs as a way to deliver a powerful branding statement. In fact, a monument sign is an excellent option for companies wishing to convey a trusted business image to customers and clients. Both attractive and affordable, this type of Monument signage can be custom tailored and custom crafted to fit virtually any type of business specifications. Variations in the installation and application of this type of sign include shape, illumination, material used, color and style.


Monument signs are routinely installed in a low to the ground style in order to achieve a more personal and up close effect. As a freestanding sign that is detached from the primary business structure, Houston monument signs feature a robust sign surface that is attached to a structural type frame or solid base. Illumination options include external lighting or internal lighting and in some applications a combination of different types of lighting. The structures are permanent in nature and create an impressive and professional entryway for companies large and small. Most importantly, this type of signage is crafted of only the highest-grade materials that result in a long lasting sign that will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions and natural elements. Best of all, these solid and impressive signs can be custom tailored in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Effectively representing your company or business with a Houston monument sign is a smart investment that will pay for itself time and again and year after year. Taking street advertising to an entirely new level is easy, affordable and convenient when businesses opt for monument type signage. Contact SBS Signs, LLC for wide range of Houston monument sign installation options and other unique and impressive sign solutions for businesses.