LED Signs

Consider by many to be one of the most effective and least expensive ways to advertise, LED signage is a perfect solution for small businesses such as restaurants looking to convey an important message. Best of all, in most instances LED signs are low maintenance and easy to install. These innovative and unique signs use less energy than a comparable type of neon sign. LED signs can be used indoors and outdoors and can be custom made to fit virtually any application. LED signs look professional and provide businesses with unique brand exposure that would not otherwise be possible.


From business specific LED signs to moving message displays and a host of other electronic types of signage, LEDs and the many related products produce impressive results for business owners. This type of sign can be used for “Open For Business” applications as well as for fully customizable messages that meet a business’s exact specifications. Other unique styles of Houston LED signs include vertically situated LED signs as well as completely customized signage using LEDs to create a unique look in order to fit a business’s theme or motif perfectly. With low energy usage and long life, Houston LED signs are quickly growing in popularity among business owners as a smart alternative to other types of electronic signs. These signs can sometimes be used where neon lights are used and conversely neon lights can be used where LED lights are sometimes used. This interchangeability offers business owners even more flexibility in terms of creating an inviting and custom environment for patrons. Even innovative designs such as flashing multicolored type LED signs are available for business owners looking to create the ideal custom business image. Contact SBS Signs, LLC today for quality Houston LED sign solutions that are an impressive and cost effective form of advertising.